2016 Honda Grom Release Date, Price

Not much information is available about the new 2016 Honda Grom. This bike that is very popular in the US is known in the country as the Honda MSX125. Going by rumors, the new Grom will have an outstanding pickup and the engine will be mated to a 4-speed transmission that makes it very easy for the rider to quickly switch gears when riding on the highway. This new offering from Honda also comes with hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and back wheels. This is something that is also available in the current model.

2016 Honda Grom front

2016 Honda Grom Design

The material from which the brakes are made help to cut down the distance taken for the bike to stop and it also ensures faster braking as compared to the present model. In addition, this bike also has an excellent control panel, which the rider can use to control the functions of the gearbox. The 2016 Honda Grom is slightly shorter in height and this has been done to lower the bike’s center of gravity. The leather seats measure 29.7 inches and are large enough to easily accommodate two people at the same time.

2016 Honda Grom Performance

A four-stroke engine powers up the new 2016 Honda Grom. This four-stroke engine is cooled by air and displaces exactly 124.9 cc. it has a 52.4 mm bore and a compression ratio of approximately 9.3.1. An electronic ignition is used on this bike, which also has a couple of valve trains for either cylinder.

The Grom rides on an excellent front suspension. At the back, an excellent suspension helps to make things very comfortable for rider and pillion. The 2016 model Grom also gets excellent rear wheel disk brakes. The brakes at the front are equally impressive and the tires on both the front and rear wheels help to give a smooth ride.

The 2016 Honda Grom has a fuel tank that is large enough to hold 1.45 gallons of fuel, which is enough to last for a day or two, depending on how far you ride the bike. The bike also weighs about 225 pounds, which helps to improve fuel economy figures. The bike is available in a number of colors including red and black. The Grom is backed by a one-year warranty and the company is also willing to sell you an extended unlimited miles warranty if you buy their protection plan.

2016 Honda Grom side

This new offering from Honda is expected to be very advanced and it boasts of a number of innovative features. A 125 cc engine powers it up and provides the bike with both power and performance. The engine is mated to a 4-speed transmission that delivers unmatchable pickup as well as quick gear changes on the highway.

2016 Honda Grom Release Date and Price

The new 2016 Honda Grom will probably be released into the market in the latter parts of this year. The new 2016 Honda Grom will also probably have a base price of about 3500 dollars. For this price you get to own an excellent bike that is powered up by an engine that is both efficient and powerful. The body is also made from lightweight materials that help to enhance the performance even further. This bike is also well liked because it not only performs well but also is also very reliable at the same time.

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