2016 Honda CBR600RR Performance, Design

The 2016 Honda CBR600RR is a bike that suits the needs of bikers who are looking for a middleweight bike that is capable of delivering adrenaline-rushing performance. It certainly is the perfect bike for those who like to perform sporting activities on their bikes. This new offering from Honda offers a perfect balance between outstanding performance and excellent handling. For a middleweight bike, this one delivers mind-blowing performance. It also makes use of the very latest technologies that are part of a package that makes riding a bike that much more enjoyable.

2016 Honda CBR600RR front

2016 Honda CBR600RR Performance

The 2016 Honda CBR600RR can also be equipped with C-ABS or Combined Anti-Lock Braking System, which is a first of a kind feature in the Supersport bikes segment. The2016 Honda CBR600RR is a very effective 600 cc bike and not only does it perform exceedingly well but it also has looks to match its outstanding performance. This new bike has a ton of technologically advanced features. The Electronic Steering Damper or HESD from Honda is an example of the kind of technologically advanced features that are offered with this bike. This particular technology makes handling the bike that much easier and it also ensures outstanding maneuverability at low speeds.

A 599 cc liquid cooled engine powers the CBR600RR. This 4-cylinder DOHC engine is capable of handling damp weight of approximately 410 pounds. The power produced by this superb engine is kept under tight control by the 6-speed transmission.

The C-ABS feature will have you raving about how well this bike performs when asked to stop at a short distance quickly. What’s more, this new offering from Honda has also been perfected to excel on the racetracks and it also has undeniably impressive credentials. The engine that powers up this bike is the very same engine that was chosen for Moto2 training in the Grand Prix races.

2016 Honda CBR600RR Exterior Design

The new 2016 Honda CBR600RR provides excellent performance and in addition it is designed to provide superb handling. The bike is equipped with enough technological features to keep every bike enthusiast happy. The HESD feature helps you when you need to handle the bike quickly and it is also there to help you when you want to maneuver the bike at low speeds. This particular feature is in fact a lot better than the usual fixed-rate dampers that are available on most such middleweight bikes.

The other attractive feature of the 2016 Honda CBR600RR is that it has line-beam headlights that thanks to the use of a pair of H7 bulbs help to illuminate and distribute light in the most effective manner possible. When you switch on these headlights, they will give you an almost perfect view and in addition it will also make you more visible to oncoming traffic. All in all, the CBR600RR is an outstanding mid-weight bike that is designed to perform well on the roads as well as on the racetracks.

2016 Honda CBR600RR side

2016 Honda CBR600RR Release Date and Price

The new 2016 Honda CBR600RR will probably have a base price of about 11, 490 dollars. If you opt for the ABS system then you will have to fork out an additional 1000 dollars. For this price you get to own a bike with an outstanding motor.

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